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Monsoon Pod is the podcast of The Monsoon Project, a platform for young scholars across the world to share their ideas, opinions and stories on the Asia-Pacific.

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    Plunging into the Pacific

    In this episode of the Monsoon Podcast, Kai Clark dives below the surface of the Pacific region and the reasons it's worth exploring.

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    Populism vs The World

    In this episode of the Monsoon Podcast, Guy Exton puts populism centre stage, exploring its characters in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

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    Pakistan's nuclear black market

    In this episode of the Monsoon Podcast, Maxwell Lowe looks at the life and legacy of AQ Khan, the man behind the Pakistan's nuclear black market.

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    Trump’s Space Force: much ado about nothing?

    In this episode of the Monsoon Podcast, Luke Courtois speaks to four distinguished experts about the newly announced branch of the US military: Trump’s Space Force.

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    The fourth industrial revolution

    In our very first Monsoon Podcast, Cherry Zheng speaks to Ehsan Nabavi, a research fellow at the 3A Institute, about the new machines and why the Institute is looking to build a whole new discipline to deal with their implications.